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Cavallo is a Sino-Australian joint venture, established in October 2005. 17 years, Jiawei Lu introduced foreign advanced technology, continuous improvement and innovation, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of medium and high-end kitchen appliances. 2012 in China, the first to launch CAVALLO steam grill - body machine, leading the Chinese kitchen appliances to a new era of steam grill. At present, our products have 97 national and international technology patents (including: 9 invention patents, 72 utility model patents, 9 design patents, 6 PCT international technology patents and 6 German technology patents).
(including: 9 invention patents, 72 utility model patents, 9 design patents, 6 PCT international technology patents, 1 German technology patent). The company has been recognized by the state as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province; at the same time, eight of our kitchen appliances have been evaluated as high-tech products.
We have established a multi-level management system, and achieved remarkable performance and achievements in product innovation.

Beginning with kitchen appliances, but not only kitchen appliances. Jiawei Road insists on promoting technological innovation, in addition to the continuous optimization and improvement of the technology of the original kitchen appliance products, it keeps exploring the emerging kitchen appliance market and the living needs of other home scenes, and has successfully developed vacuum storage box, steam zero-emission steam baking - body machine, instant hot filtered water dispenser, intelligent integrated tea space and other series of products. Among them, the vacuum storage box product is a new and original household environmental protection storage product of Jiawei Road, which fills the gap in the industry at home and abroad.


Jiawei Road Shenwan New Industrial Park, located in the national ecological township of Zhongshan City, Shenwan Town, industrial park covers a total area of 15,000m³, construction area of about 53,000m³, the project is completed in two phases of investment, with a total planned investment of 130 million yuan. The first phase is mainly administrative building and production workshop building.
The administrative building covers: lobby, audio-visual reception room, staff canteen, product scene exhibition hall, BBQ activity center, staff office area, large conference room, staff dormitory, etc.
The production workshop building covers: fully automated and automated multiple assembly lines, R&D experiment center, product warehouse, etc.

The second phase (under planning) has a floor area of 35,000m³ and nine floors, and is planned to be built as an "industry-themed brand incubation building", which will be completed soon for brand incubation, emerging kitchen appliances related. Upstream and downstream, new media and e-commerce operations, industrial support services and other business models will be self-sustaining and investment complementary to further integrate advantageous resources.



1998 cavallo Australia launched 2005 cavallo brand introduced to China

August 2006

First to introduce foreign electric oven technology Write a new chapter of Chinese electric oven manufacturing

January 2010

The world's first electric steamer with automatic water tank electric steamer was born in Jiawei Road

March 2012

The first domestic steam and baking machine Make up the multifunctional machine market vacancy

December 2014

Jiawei Lu electric steam/oven products International standard product certification

October 2015

Jia Qi Lu Zero Vapor Emission Steam Oven World premiere of a hit

November 2016

Enterprise won the honor of "Guangdong High-tech Enterprise".

June 2018

Enterprises through the first batch of Zhongshan City Engineering Technology Research Center

February 2019

The world's first vacuum box many patents Technology to solve the home storage pain points

December 2019

Zhongshan Shenwan Industrial Park Project Launch The groundbreaking ceremony of the following year was a success

August 2021

Successfully developed multi-functional intelligent tea table for Laying the foundation for entering the tea space market

December 2021

The new industrial park of Jiawei Road Shenwan was completed and put into operation



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