What are the precautions for using the oven?

Precautions when using the electric oven:
The temperature of the top and door of the electric oven is relatively high. Do not touch them with your hands when using; When taking and placing the baking pan, be sure to use a handle and fork. Do not touch the heater or other parts of the oven chamber with your hands to avoid scalding.
The electric oven heater has a fixed thermal inertia. When it is powered on, it will take 2 ^ - 3 minutes before the heater surface reaches the normal working temperature; In case of power failure, it also takes a certain time to cool down. Understand this characteristic of the heater, so that the heater power can be turned on or off appropriately in advance according to the baking degree of the food.
Before putting food into the oven, be sure to preheat the oven.
(Because of the heat dissipation of the oven door, the baking degree of the food near the oven door is always a little weaker. In order to make the baking of all parts of the food on the baking plate even, you can turn the baking plate around half the time, and then continue baking.
In order to use electricity safely, the electric oven should have a good grounding wire
After each use of the electric oven, pay attention to wipe it clean after cooling. The baking pan and baking net can be washed with water, but the oven door, oven chamber and shell should not be washed with water, and should be wiped with dry cloth. When the oven chamber, baking pan and baking net are stuck with food juice, and it is difficult to clean after carbonization, it can be wiped off with ink fish bone dipped in water or lightly with detergent.

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