Maintenance method of electric oven

Maintenance method of electric oven
The electric oven needs to be cleaned carefully after each use. The following operation procedures can be used:
Step 1:
After use, unplug the power plug and let the oven cool naturally to room temperature to prevent electric shock or scald.
Step 2:
Clean the inner and outer walls of the oven with dry rags. If the oil stain is heavy, you can use a small amount of detergent, but do not drop water into the oven, otherwise it is easy to cause oven failure.
Step 3:
Clean the grill or grill. These accessories can be disassembled freely, and should be cleaned in time after each use to prevent rust from affecting normal use. When cleaning, you can take it out and clean it with water or detergent. After cleaning, dry it and put it back into the oven.
Step 4:
Clean the heating pipe. The heating tube is an important part of the electric oven. The oil dripped when baking food often sticks to the surface of the heating tube. If it is not cleaned in time, it will accumulate oil dirt, which not only affects the heating efficiency of the heating tube, but also emits peculiar smell when heating, so it should be cleaned in time after each use.
After cleaning, put the electric oven in a dry place and do not splash water on the oven. As long as the electric oven is carefully cleaned after each use, it will not only keep the appearance of the oven clean, but also extend the service life of the oven.

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