How to clean and maintain the electric oven

The maintenance of electric oven includes the following points:
1. Before using the electric oven, carefully read the operating instructions and check whether the local power supply voltage is consistent with the requirements of the electric oven.
2. The position of the baking tray in the oven cavity can be selected according to the size of the food and the baking method. Generally speaking, the temperature of the upper layer is slightly higher, the middle layer is moderate, and the lower layer is lower.
3. The food to be baked in the oven shall be prepared with seasonings in advance and properly packed as required. Bake spareribs, chicken, duck, meat, bread, pie, etc., and put them into the baking plate; When grilling fish, put the fish on the grill before putting it on the grill. It is better to apply some cooking oil or lay a layer of aluminum foil on the baking pan before use, so as to take out the food and clean it after use.
4. First, turn the knob of the automatic temperature regulator, timer knob and change-over switch to the lowest position, turn on the power supply, and the indicator light will be on. After the box is heated, press the temperature, time and power required for the kon food to adjust the corresponding 'knob to the required position.
5. When the indicator light is off and the oven has reached the preheating temperature, open the oven door, put the baking pan net holding the handle fork into the appropriate position in the oven, close the oven door, and open the baking switch.
6. Observe whether all parts of the baked food are evenly heated through the window. If necessary, use the handle fork to turn the baking pan. For food with large volume and thick meat layer, it is better to properly turn it for 1-2 times during the baking process, so that it will bake more evenly.
7. When taking and placing the food in the oven, be sure to use the handle and fork to take and place it together with the baking pan or baking net. It is forbidden to operate it directly by hand to avoid scalding.
8. After use, unplug the power plug in time.
Cleaning method of electric oven:
1、 New oven
The newly bought oven can be roasted at 250 ℃ for 10 minutes to remove the smell in the new machine.
2、 The oven should be cleaned in a long way:
Especially after making roast chicken legs, chicken wings, roast ribs and other meat products, the smell of greasy dirt in the oven will be heavy. If the inner wall of the oven, the baking net, the baking plate and the chassis are not cleaned in time, it will be very difficult to remove the heavy greasy dirt.
Therefore, after each baking, the cleaning can be carried out when the temperature in the oven drops to about 50 ℃ (the temperature is not hot). Cleaning must be carried out under the condition of power failure and partial cooling.
The temperature in the oven is often as high as 150 ℃ when the work is just finished. It can not be cleaned immediately. On the one hand, it may burn. On the other hand, the sudden cooling during cleaning has a negative effect on the maintenance of the accessories inside the oven.
3、 Tips for oven cleaning:
Step 1: (It is better to wear gloves) Remove the detachable parts inside the oven, such as the baking net, baking pan and chassis, and then wash them with neutral detergent. Where the oil stain is particularly heavy, you can use the lampblack cleaner to remove the heavy oil stain in the kitchen to do the decontamination of key parts.
Step 2: Put an old newspaper near the door of the oven, and use dry towel gourd pulp or small bamboo brush to completely brush out the scorched crumbs in the oven.
Step 3: The heating tube inside the oven must be gently wiped with a dry cloth, and cannot be wiped with a wet rag to avoid affecting the insulation of the heating tube and causing electric leakage and short circuit. It should be noted that the interior of the oven cannot be washed directly with water except for the detachable parts.
Step 4: If the heating pipe and protective net are found to be dirty, it is difficult to clean them with a soft dry cloth, and do not use wire ball, abrasive cleaning ball and other cleaning tools with rough surface to clean them at will. In case of steel wire or abrasive particles falling into the heating pipe, the barbecue will produce unpleasant and strange burnt smell, and the whole circuit will be short-circuited. You can try to wipe it with nylon cloth with strong cleaning power.
Step 5: After cleaning the heating tube, start to clean the shell and inner liner of the oven. Dip the rag in the diluent of neutral detergent and wring it dry slightly, and wipe the body shell by wet wiping. After cleaning, dip in the diluent again, wring it slightly, wrap it on your hand and put it into the oven to wipe off the oil stain, and then rinse it with clean water and dry it, wipe it twice.
4、 Special cleaning of oven and baking net
1. Heavy dirt on the baking pan: The baking pan often has burnt dirt. In fact, it can be quickly removed by using various waste cards.
2. Quickly clean the scorched dirt on the baking net can be brushed by using the friction of tin foil paper. Remember that when using tinfoil as a cleaning tool, it should be rubbed before use, which can increase the friction of tinfoil.

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