How to maintain the new oven for the first time

1. First of all, wipe it with clean water or neutral detergent. Then air dry naturally.
2. Connect the oven to the power supply, and put all components into the oven, such as baking pan, baking net, clip, etc. Turn on the baking function and bake for 15 minutes.
3. Generally, after the oven is powered on for the first time, there will be a small amount of odor or slight smoke, which is normal because of the protective film on the heating tube.
4. Open the oven door to let the smell out after the empty baking. After about half an hour, put the baking tray with food into it and set the temperature control button.
5. Some ovens have multiple functions. Select function buttons according to the nature of the food.
6. Then there is the time button. In general, rotate the timer to the required time node. When the time is up, a bell will ring.
7. The time button can be flexibly adjusted. If it needs to be closed in the midway, just turn the button directly to the 0 position. In addition, when you use the oven for the first time, you cannot accurately grasp its spleen, so you should set the temperature as low as possible and observe the food changes at any time to dynamically adjust the temperature.

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